Alice Bottrill

Visual Artist



Alice Bottrill is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), International Watercolor Society of Canada and she is the Regional Director of BC and the North for the Canadian Society of Painter’s in Water Colour (CSPWC) (2021-2023). She was Chair of CSPWC Symposium in BC in 2022. Alice has a BA degree in Education. Her paintings have been exhibited in numerous shows locally and internationally. She was invited to do a live demonstration by the International Watercolor Society of Hungary in Budapest in 2018 and she represented Canada in another live demonstration for the International Watercolor Society of Poland in 2019. Alice’s artworks were represented by IAG Gallery in Vancouver and Diana Hall Gallery in Sweden.

Alice paints fresh and loose in an impressionistic style with spontaneity and expressive brush strokes. She takes on new challenges by exploring different subject matters and continues to push the boundaries of this medium. 

Many who came to Alice’s workshops would notice her passion in teaching watercolour.  Currently, she is teaching workshops to all levels of artists in the District of Kent, the Hope District and in her home studio. She focuses on the artistic development of the participants and strives to help them paint effectively. She will simplify the painting process into 3 to 4 steps using different watercolour techniques to complete a compelling painting.  Her workshops are described as inspirational, interactive and enjoyable.  And many participants take home a fun and exciting experience beyond the workshops!